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In 2023, Sanctvm London Dry not only won awards but made history!


Imagine, in just a few months after been officially launched, our Sanctvm London Dry  gin dazzled with a Bronze Medal and two coveted Silver Medals at the prestigious London Spirits Competition (United Kingdom) and at the  SIP Awards (California, USA) in both product and bottle design categories, respectively. And it didn't stop there – we were the ONLY BRAZILIAN FINALIST in the Traditional Gin category of the renowned THE GIN GUIDE AWARDS (United Kingdom)!


In just a few months, we have put the authentic flavor of Espírito Santo on the world map of premium spirits, accumulating several international awards. And this exciting journey is just beginning!  In 2024, Sanctvm is poised to elevate the experience to even greater heights.


Prepare for new sensations, irresistible flavors, and a journey of sensory discoveries. We look forward to surprising you with what’s to come!


In 2024, we will soar even higher!


Come to the world of Sanctvm, and experience the divine contrast of the sacred with a touch of the profane.


Bronze medal in the 2023 edition of the London Spirits Competition


The only Brazilian classified in the "Traditional Gin" category of The Gin Guide Awards 2023.


Silver medal in the tasting category at the SIP Awards 2023, an international competition held in San Francisco, California, United States.


The only Latin American distillery awarded a silver medal in the design category at the SIP Awards 2023.


Silver medal in the tasting category at the 2024 London Spirits Competition (UK).


The only South American Gin awarded at the 2024 SIP Awards (USA). Gold  medal and the “Consumer’s Choice Award” .

“The flavor of this gin was unlike anything we had ever encountered before, it transported us to a new 'gin-mension' and created the dream of traveling to the homeland of Sanctvm Gin (...) Its rich flavor and history make it a A true jewel among the many gins in the world.”
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